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Consumers want to know the point of points-based loyalty

9 maart 2020

Customer loyalty schemes that simply allow consumers to accumulate points without offering a clear value exchange are less likely to retain and engage them effectively than those that offer tailored services.

According to the latest insights from the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), a third of customers (34%), especially millennials and younger consumers, demand more bespoke and alternative benefits for their loyalty instead of points.

ā€œFor customers to stay loyal, brands are challenged to rethink their reward strategies as consumers expect their loyalty to be recognised across more metrics than just spend alone,ā€ the DMA advised in its research paper, entitledĀ Future Trends: Paid-for Loyalty.

Put simply, consumers need to understand the point of a points-based loyalty scheme and to be reassured that their engagement with brands is worth it.

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